It is always important for a company to take care of new team-mates. We always try to offer the best opportunities shaped to the market. This way we can always achieve win-win deals.

The University of Debrecen organized the engineer job fair on its campus this year too. It was great to see the young soon-to-be engineers crowding inside and being interested of this profession. Fortunately we could have talked with many of them and we are still convinced that Hungarian engineers are the bests! We love to see the enthusiasm of the students about their profession.

We also had a little test competition with prizes. Based on the test we were able to tell if someone “had the eyes” to technical drawing or not. The bests of the drawers also were ivited to us for a job interview. There were several outstanding results. We hope we can cooperate with the university in the future again, and get the best young engineers for our company!