About us

The Béth-Bau Kft. was founded back in 2007 as a civil engineering company. Although it remained our main profile, now we also make architectural plans, digitalised soil mechanics, geodetic surveys, fabrication designs and expertising. We are based in Debrecen, Hungary and we can proudly state that Hungarian engineers are the best!
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Our story

I founded my first company dealing with civil engineering tasks back in 1994 and the Béth-Bau Kft. was incorporated in 2007. The civil engineering, design, implementation management and supervision tasks have been always in the focus of our work.

By rethinking the organisational structure in 2016, a dynamic growth period has been started. In our company the BIM planning – meeting the challenges of the 21st century – has already been working productively.

The operation of our company is countinuously optimised, therefore we work rapidly, with high efficiency and with facourable prices. Owing to the above, we can undertake supporting structure planning task even with a deadline of a week for a single family residential building.

In addition to the supporting structure and civil engineering planning, in 2019, the portfolio of our company covers digitalised soil mechanics and geodetic surveys, building engineering planning and drawing services for civil engineering planners as well.

We guide our clients in structural engineering and we think over and give you our expert opinion about your plans.


Richard Vagner
CEO, engineer

What do we believe in?

It is not easy to build and plan, but we help you. Planning and counselling tasks in building industry are very complex. We think that with the love of the profession, creativity and the ingenious combination of the solution pissibilities we can meet the challenges.

To do so, we use high level of working environment, continously refreshed and developed planning technologies and knowledge.

It is the most important for us to let our clients feel that we rapidly and professionally satisfied their planning demands, since we know it well: time is money. Therefore, we formed our company to be able to comply with the expectations of our partners about the high-quality and rapid performance of planning tasks.

Our activity is based on the culture of honesty, the mutual support of each other and the constructive and supportive handling of any incidental mistakes.

We consider ourselves as a company of youthful approach. This is not an empty phrase, since we went through several dynamic and successful development stages and our professional team is devoted, fast and has a vivid approach.


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