About Us

Shaping the Future

We love beautiful new buildings whether we are talking about apartment houses, sport facilities or simple family houses. As structural designers we feel responsibility for people to live in safe buildings, that’s why it became our mission.

Our Philosophy

In long-term the only acceptable co-operation form is win-win.

When we negotiate with new potential partners we alway attempt to reach a win-win situation. According to us this is the only acceptable form of co-operation between long-term partners.

We work with a cost-optimized vision which means we want our clients to have the highest quality and safety with the best possible price. 

Structural designs


Years of experience

Who are we

The Béth-Bau Kft. was founded back in 2007 as a civil engineering company. Although it remained our main profile, now we also make architectural plans, digitalised soil mechanics, geodetic surveys, fabrication designs and expertise. We are based in Debrecen, Hungary and we can proudly state that Hungarian engineers are the best.

the softwares we use

In order to remain effective and quick we still use 2D design softwares but designing in 3D is our main line now. To maximize our compatibility we chose Autodesk platform and compatible softwares. It is important to highlight that we only use licenced softwares!

2D Design: AutoCAD + VbExpress + SteelExpress + Axis VM X5

3D Design: Autodesk AEC Collection Revit, Advance Steel, Recap Pro, AutoCAD, Robot Structural Analysis

We also use: ArchiCad, Nemetchek
Plans for the future: VR design, Vertex/AGA-CAD

our main profile

we are an ISO 9001 certified company

ISO 9001 certification Beth Bau

High-End Real Estates

We have designed many luxury villas before so we have experience in satisfying special structural requirements and figuring out creative solutions.

Family Houses & Apartments

Most of our projects are simple but beautiful family houses, we can say this is our specialty. We also love to design small aparment buildings, condominiums.

Public Buildings & Facilities

When it comes to bigger public buildings, steel structure is our strength. We have designed some huge sport facilities, factories and other special projects.

Let's Work Together

If you think we could be partners do not hesitate to contact us. Send us a message and we can schedule an online meeting. You can also find us on social media: