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Starting with the basics! We can help you to make your concepts real and create beautful houses, buildings together! We use BIM and the latest softwares so it's easy and quick to work with us!

Structure design

After designing a house, one of the most important step is designing its structure. This is also the best opportunity to save a lot of money by wise material usage. Contact us if you quickly need a static plan!

Fabrication design

If you have a CNC business we can help you too! You will not have to worry about the details anymore, because we can give you a fabrication design detailed to the last screw! Our main profile is steel structure at this service.

Expertize & Consultation

Do you have questions about your running project? Did you stuck with your planning? Do you have problems with your home or your building? Do not hesitate to call us, we are happy to help!

Why us?

We work fast!

Thanks to our effective workflow and the latest software technologies we have achieved a really fast working method! Time is one of the most important factors in this industry so always develope and update our working systems. We do the best for our clients!

Decade-long experience

We are on the road since 2007. We managed to survive the financial crisis and became stronger. After more than a thousand houses designed by us we have learnt every aspect of our industry. Using all the experience we have gathered we are able to provide a high-quality service.


It's easy to work with us

We work fast and we have all the expereince needed but we also emphasize the importance of compatibility. All the softwares we use are well-known and used world-wide so we can work with any other office with 100% compatibility and without any disruption.

created static plans in 2019

static plans, 2011-2019

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The plantwall of Hungary’s most modern aquapark

The plantwall of Hungary’s most modern aquapark

Beth-Bau designed the structure of a beautiful and huge plantwall, which is placed in the brand new aquapark of Debrecen. The Aquaticum Beach opened this summer, and this is the most modern thermal park in Hungary. It was an amazing challenge to...

Engineer Job Fair – Debrecen

Engineer Job Fair – Debrecen

It is always important for a company to take care of new team-mates. We always try to offer the best opportunities shaped to the market. This way we can always achieve win-win deals. The University of Debrecen organized the engineer job fair on its...

The Big 5 Show – Dubai 2019

The Big 5 Show – Dubai 2019

One of the biggest construction exhibitions of the world is the Big 5 Show, based in Dubai. We took part of the Big 5 2019, and it was truly magnificent! Our main goals - networking and discover new innovations - were completely accomplished! Since...